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Documenting The Decay

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Finally, the debut from Charles Vaughan is with us. Ever since the mysterious arrival of the ‘April15th’ EP back in 2007, this album has been rumoured, along with a host of other slowly gestating projects which will all, hopefully, see the light of day on Wayside Woodland Records sometime in the future. So, who is Charles Vaughan? Some may know him as the figure from the popular ’70s science fiction show ‘Survivors’, a character who dedicates himself to documenting, cataloguing and indexing what’s left of civilisation after a plague has wiped out 99% of the population. This was surely the inspiration on the musician behind the crumbling, mildewed sound-scapes to be found on Documenting The Decay. The music here, as mentioned above, is a collection of tape distressed instrumentals, mainly played on ancient synths, piano, old broken vinyl and the odd detuned zither. A copy recently found its way to the influential writer Simon Reynolds who wrote about it in a article on how ‘Hauntology’ (a term he himself coined) is far from dead, indeed, it is very much still ‘undead’. It’s safe to say that the music contained on the album could fit into that category, with its evocations of a future that never was, redundant technology left to rot and fading memories of post-war ... optimism. Musical reference points could include the work of William Basinski, Aphex Twin’s ambience, Eno and The Caretaker. But Charles Vaughan has very much carved out a peculiarly isolated area of his own, a strange, mouldy, spore marked environment in which he continues to produce these documents… more
released October 10, 2011
all rights reserved


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Important caveats are as follows.

Most blind patients with rare occipital spikes do not have seizures.

When the general population is screened, the presence of IEDs characteristic of the idiopathic or primary epilepsy syndromes frequently occur in patients who do not have seizures.

This is particularly true of centrotemporal spikes, which are associated with the syndrome of 2018 Hot Sale Children White Shoes SlipOn Students Casual Shoes Geniue Stockist Sale Online Free Shipping Hot Sale Websites Cheap Online Cheap Sale View E5p6mqjXA
with centrotemporal spikes (BECTS). This syndrome presents in preadolescent children and usually resolves in the mid teens. The EEG signature of the syndrome is stereotyped, usually bilateral, broad diphasic centrotemporal spikes that always become more frequent in sleep and often display a characteristic transverse dipole that is negative in the centrotemporal area and positive frontally. In one population study, up to 40% of patients with centrotemporal spikes did not have seizures.

Seizures in BECTS are usually nocturnal, typically characterized by drooling and rhythmic contraction of 1 side of the face and arm and may secondarily generalize. The presence of the typical discharge secures the diagnosis.

If a patient has a substantially different seizure type, the possibility that the discharges are an incidental finding must be carefully considered, along with the possibility that the patient suffers from a localization-related epilepsy with an electroclinical signature that mimics BECTS.

Mistakes in EEG interpretation are an important source of false-positive results. Familiarity with the common normal EEG variants that resemble epileptogenic discharges is necessary to avoid characterizing them as IEDs. Commonly encountered examples include and . This family of patterns is discussed in Normal EEG Variants . Artifacts produced by electrode dysfunction can also resemble epileptiform discharges. Features of the normal EEG background such as the mu rhythm, and vertex waves (K-complexes of drowsiness and sleep) can be sharply contoured and resemble spikes and sharp waves (see Normal EEG Waveforms ). The most common mistake, however, may not be to interpret a well-described normal variant as epileptiform, but rather to over-read sharply contoured fluctuations of background in the temporal regions as temporal sharp waves.

While the presence of IEDs in a routine EEG is often helpful in clinical decision making, the converse is not necessarily the case. The absence of IEDs in a routine EEG certainly does not prove that a paroxysmal event was not a seizure or that a patient does not have epilepsy. Routine EEGs are normal in about 50% of patients with a clinical diagnosis of seizures, although the yield improves with multiple or more prolonged EEGs. As a limiting case, in 2 series of patients studied in epilepsy monitoring units, IEDs were never identified in 4-19% of those in whom epileptic seizures were recorded.In patients with partial epilepsy, this is more likely to occur with extratemporal foci. The absence of IEDs in patients with generalized onset seizures is exceptional in children and unusual in adults.

In patients with established seizures, IEDs often shed light on the underlying epilepsy syndrome. For example, in a neurologically normal adolescent patient with normal imaging who presents with a history of convulsions, whether the patient has a generalized or localization-related seizure disorder may be uncertain. The presence of 3-Hz generalized spike-wave abnormalities on EEG would suggest a primary generalized seizure disorder. By contrast, a normal EEG or one with nonepileptic abnormalities would be more consistent with a localization-related epilepsy syndrome and the presence of temporal spikes would suggest the diagnosis of temporal lobe epilepsy.

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